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Korea, Eastern Country of Good Manner
Pyongyang, December 4 (KCNA) -- Korea with time-honored history and brilliant cultural tradition has long been known to the world as an eastern country of good manners.

The neighboring countries called Korea the country of true gentlemen from ancient times in a sense that there lived virtuous, dignified, kind and sainted people.

History records write that besides the country of true gentlemen, Korea was called as true gentlemen's country, country of good manners, etc. in the east.

Korea came to have such good name because her people are courteous, possess noble trait, treat guests with virtues and accord kind hospitality to them.

It is the disposition inherent to the Koreans to respect the elder, love the junior, be upright, hold dear obligation and faithfulness and behave kindly and courteously.

These moral characters have been formed and cemented in creative labor activities and struggle against the aggressors, carrying forward the one and the same blood, history and cultural traditions for thousands of years.

The Korean people have displayed to the full the spirit of unity, cooperation and fraternity, sharing weal and woe in the struggle for defending the country against foreign invaders down through history.

Today the beautiful moral traits are being carried forward more admirably to suit the feeling and emotion of the Korean people in the present Songun era.

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Karin Brissman sa...

Ja, speciellt intressant är "the spirit of unity, cooperation and faternity..."

Nåja, vissa saker må vara sanna (respekt för äldre, kärlek för de unga t ex) i alla fall.

Koreabloggen sa...

Mycket stämmmer säkert! Jag tycker just att det är att detta skrivs av en "nyhetsbyrå" som är så speciellt :)