söndag 17 februari 2008

Så firas Kim Jong Ils födelsedag

I Pyongyang skulle restaurangerna servera ål, enligt Chosun TV. Som vanligt skulle medborgarna ges presenter (såsom varma vinterskor mm), dagen till ära. DailyNK berättar:
Chosun Central TV of North Korea announced yesterday that restaurants in the downtown Pyongyang will serve eel to Pyongyang citizens in celebration of the 66th birthday of Kim Jong Il on his birthday holiday of February 16 and 17. Pyongyang is now bustling with preparations for Kim’s birthday.

Chosun Central TV also announced that the authorities are preparing many other presents for citizens. Pyongyang Botonggang Footwear Factory was reported to be producing extra winter boots, children’s shoes, and ladies high heel shoes as gifts for people.
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